Roles and Responsibilities of an Community Association Manager in Cypress, TX

Roles and Responsibilities of an Community Association Manager in Cypress, TX

The Texas government estimates that around six million homes are part of homeowners associations in the state.

If you own one of these homes, you may wonder why your HOA isn't operating on the same level as others. After all, HOAs are supposed to bring unique perks that regular homeowners don't have, like great amenities and property maintenance.

Being part of an HOA doesn't guarantee anything. A community association needs good leadership if homeowners are to enjoy the perks that they should get by paying their dues. Hiring a community association manager is the best way to improve your HOA, so keep reading and learn what services these companies provide.

Financial Help

Of all the community association manager responsibilities, accounting might be the most important. If your community doesn't have good money management, homeowners could end up having to pay higher monthly dues or their property values could drop.

A property management company has accounting professionals on staff who have experience with HOA bookkeeping and budgeting. When this is done well, you'll never have to wonder where your monthly HOA fees are going.

Vendor Coordination

The biggest perk of HOA living is getting to enjoy a community that is well-maintained without lifting a finger. HOA leadership should have solid vendor relationships that make it easy to schedule things like garbage removal, landscaping, or roof cleaning.

If you don't have good vendor relationships, the community could fall into disrepair. A property manager comes with built-in relationships with countless local vendors. Whether you need a landscaper once per week to maintain the parks or an emergency electrician, it'll be one call away for your HOA manager.

Enforcing Community Guidelines

All HOAs are subject to governing documents. These are the rules and regulations that every homeowner must abide by. Of course, when you have dozens of homeowners living under these rules, you'll have rule breakers.

It can be difficult for HOA board members to enforce guidelines. They're volunteers and neighbors, so it creates an awkward power dynamic. This isn't so for HOA managers, however.

As an impartial third party, your HOA manager will have no problem issuing penalties for non-compliance. They'll also be able to mediate conflicts between homeowners to create more harmony in the community.

Running Effective Meetings

Annual community meetings are where important matters are dealt with. It might involve amendments to governing documents or fun new amenities for everyone to enjoy. If your meetings are poorly run, however, nothing will get done.

One of the most important community association management skills is being organized. They'll help you run effective meetings where everyone's voice can be heard. Once a consensus is reached, they'll coordinate with vendors to ensure new developments happen.

Understand the Role of a Community Association Manager

Now that you understand some of the community association manager job requirements, you can choose the right one for your HOA. There are dozens of HOA managers in Cypress alone. Finding the right one doesn't have to be tricky.

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